Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More Cliches

Good Morning Every One
Back again with a few more cliches to ponder.  

What is bothering you or weighing you down today?  Write that thought down and throw it away. Now think about a cliche. A cliche does not have to necessarily fit the occasion to be applicable, effective and to change the direction of your thoughts and perception. Many times when we are weighed down by an issue, we are not able to "see the forest for the trees." We get stuck in a thinking rut and pattern and are not able to  "pull our self out" of a particular thinking pattern. 

The brain is such a magnificent organ. However, it does have a few "glitches." It can get stuck in a thinking or behavioral pattern that we have to first identify, let it go, and then replace with something more productive and positive. When we identify a thinking or behavioral pattern we was to change, we must also identify the positive intention behind the pattern. That will help up discover the replacement that we need.

My dad had a great saying, "Do you want to have a Wilbur day (referring to Wilbur in Charlotte's Web) or do you want to get out of the manure and do something different?" I really didn't like that when I was younger. Now I recognize the wisdom and the strength of this question.

Many times we want others to change so that our life will be better. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."  We can offer choices and maybe even a better way to do something. We then have to learn to step back and allow the other person to decide what they are going to do.

Think of a cliche that will work for you today

Make a Great Day

Dr. Susan

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Good Morning All

Cliches are things we have heard most of our lives. We sometimes agree with them, sometimes are surprised with them and sometimes annoyed with them. It is very interesting how long cliches have been around. Wise and true information survives the test of time.

When you feel discouraged, anxious, fearful, depressed, etc., remember a cliche that would apply. Even a cliche that does not apply can redirect your thinking and the direction that your brain will take.

A few cliches to keep in mind are, "This too will pass."

The scriptures often state "And it came to pass..." Someone actually took the time to count. The reported estimate is around 800 times that phrase is used in scriptures. However, there is not one incident of "And it came to stay."  Our world, circumstances and thoughts are ever changing.

"Scatter sunshine...." This can be a great one about our attitude! Are we a "drain or a fountain"
As Viktor Frankl stated in his book "Man's Search for Meaning," "we do not always get to choose our circumstances, but we can always choose our attitude."

A grateful heart and a positive attitude can do more to change our thoughts and our feelings, than any external event or person can. When we want to control something or someone, first begin with self and our own attitude.

One of my father's most used statements was, "A smile and a few kind words."  What a wonderful
statement and practice to use every day - every hour if necessary

More cliches to come!

Make a Great Day

Dr. Susan

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Good Morning All:

There are so many beautiful sights in this world that has been created for us. The most beautiful is, of course, the people who live on this earth.

See first the beauty in yourself, and you will soon see more beauty in others. Be sure to identify things you like about yourself every day. You do not need to share these with others. You do need to identify them and appreciate them within yourself. God has given each of us such beauty and wonderful gifts. We need to identify, and thank Heavenly Father for all of the gifts/qualities that He has given us. Some of these gifts/qualities include beauty, intelligence, talents, creativity, curiosity, kindness, service, love, ideas, organization,  caring, health, strength, helpfulness, wisdom, joy, respect, and many more. As we notice these and act upon them, we will strength our qualities/gifts, and strength ourselves. We will also see more of the beauty in the world.

There are tough times for all. There are horrendous things going on in the world. We need to be a light in the world that will show others the beauty in the world.

We can be a strong  light in the world to all those we meet and and daily contact with.

See the beauty in the world and be the beauty in the world

Make A Great Day

Dr. Susan


Good Morning All:

"Beyond every dark cloud, beyond every thick layer of grayness, the sun is always shining --- knowing that fills me with hope!"  (Author Unknown)

We have just completed the month of January. Many feel the "winter blues." The lights, hustle (some times chaos), joy and stress of Christmas are over. I noticed that as the outside lights turned off one by one until next year, and as the decorations were once again taken down and put away until next year, there is a bit of an emotional let down. The darkness seems longer. The weather seems colder. No more external twinkling to cheer us. Many will experience a  period of depression.

This is when we turn to our "inner light" to help light the world.  Focus on sharing your smile, kindness, and helpfulness with others. This will light your life as well as others. "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the LIGHT!" (Mary Engelbreit)

Of all my treasurers great and small, HOPE is the very bet of them all!

We need the HOPE of love, peace, joy and happiness.

Nature does not lose hope during the winter time. Nature uses winter as a time to rest, renew and be ready to come forth again in spring.

HOPE springs eternal. Fine the HOPE within you that can lead to peace.

The world does not offer peace. We must turn to God and to all that is good in order to find peace.

When the going gets tough and there's no hope to be found, clean something, arrange something, or just move things around! Life is Good. HOPE is available. It is our responsibility to fine HOPE and to develop it.

Make a Great Day

Dr, Susan

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Good Morning All:

Happy New Year

How many of you have set "New Year's Resolutions"?  New Year's Resolutions usually go by the way side pretty quickly.  I prefer to begin the new year without guilt, shame or fear. When we make those resolutions we are usually afraid that we may not keep them, and then we tend to shame ourselves.

Focus on the person that you are and simply demonstrate all of those wonderful qualities that you already have. When we live in truth and not fear, we become our best self.

Fear makes us focus on self/other comparison. We then can never become what we "think" we should be. When we live in truth and light, we recognize who we really are and we can live our qualities to be happier. Let me give you an example. Most people focus on being more healthy, losing weight, becoming more physically fit, and financial changes. The time and energy is spent on external ways to make our life better. Focus on your qualities, truth, honesty, kindness, service, talents, beauty, wisdom, charity, dependable, etc., and you will reach the external goals.

Fear is also lies that we tell ourselves that we are not good enough and that we must make changes based on what others think. Self assurance and knowing our qualities allow us the truth that frees us and allows to be who we already are WONDERFUL!

Make a Great Day

Dr. Susan