Thursday, June 26, 2014


Good Moring All: Travel is good for the body and the soul. Like many behaviors and activities in life, there is a spectrum. We get caught up in the all or nothing thinking of travel is a trip for a destination. Travel can be a quick 5-30 minute break in the yard, the tub, a quiet room, across the street, across town, or around the world. The idea of travel is to "get away" and take a break. We need to travel every day for a few minutes. Take a trip in your mind, with a friend to lunch, play with a pet, enjoy watching children play. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR TECHNOLOGY if you truly want to travel. Many times while traveling I only engage the use of technology 2-3 times a day. I also like to travel where there is no "cell service." We can also do that by "turning off" or walking away from the technology. I read a report that stated in centuries, civilization may look back at us and wonder what that extra appendage is that we had attached to us. Take mini vacations, small trips, and learn to enjoy life every day. There is something beautiful and thrilling in every life in every day. We have to discover it ourselves. No one can point it out to us. Make a Great Day Dr. Susan

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pay Day (Continued)

Greetings All: Have you had your play day (moment) today? In my blog yesterday, I talked about the importance of a Play Day. Usually we do not get the luxury of actually having a full day. The Play time can be a few minutes to perhaps a few hours. The main purpose of a play time is to relax, get away from the task, (as a task), enjoy yourself and have some fun. For many people a plan time can include task, such as gardening, organizing a closet/room, painting, etc. To each his/her own. My dad use to tell us kids growing up poor and on a farm to make our own fun and that we could, if we wanted to, make anything fun. My father was a great example of making work fun, and enjoying every day of his life. He had plenty of issues, challenges, and difficulties. He taught to rise above them and to focus on the positive. We do get a choice to find something positive every day, or dwell only on the negative. I love roses. Every rose that I have seen, and that I grow has some thorns. I can focus on the beauty of the rose, or on the problem of the thorns. I prefer to focus on the beauty of the rose. We also need to focus on the beauty that is within each of us. Focus daily on 3 things you like about yourself. This can even be part of your play time. If you notice small children then talk about the good things about themselves as they play. We could all learn a lesson from this. Make a Great Day Dr. Susan

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Have a Play Day

Greetings World How many time have you scheduled a play day for your children? How many times have you scheduled a play day for yourself? We all need a play day. Children know the value of a play day. They know they love the interaction. They learn life skills, new skills, relationship skills, and cooperation. Children also learn confidence and letting go, through their play. As parents, we often teach children through play. As adults, we also forget the value of play in our life. It allows us to take a moment and enjoy what is going on around us. If you want to live in the here and now, learn to enjoy moments of play throughout the day. We need to enjoy something every day. Too many of us have such a large task list that we do not get to the enjoyment list. We can actually do both. Work and tasks can also be fun. What do you enjoy doing? Some adults have a difficult time even answering this question. Play will allow you to release negative feelings and thoughts. Play lets you enjoy the moment. Be good to yourself, and Make a Great Day. Dr. Susan