Thursday, August 28, 2014

With children returning to school, I hope that children are learning other skills at home.  As we saw in the movie "Nanny McPhee," there are five things every child must learn:  1) To go to bed when they are told (and to say "please"); 2) To get up when they are told; 3) To get dressed when they are told (and to say "thank you"); 4) to listen; and 5) to do exactly as they are told.  

Giving children these social lessons are vital to successful development.

When my oldest grandson was eight years old (he is now sixteen), he told me, "Kids need five things:  to be loved, to be listened to, to know they can learn, to be thanked, and to be taught."  I think he is very wise.

Professional observation suggests that third-graders need to learn four things to be successful in life.  As children learn these four skills before or during third grade, they will be successful in anything the rest of their lives.  In the unlikely event that they do not learn these four things, they will spend the rest of their lives struggling a bit and wondering why they are not as successful (until they learn them).  These four keys to success are:  

  • BASIC WRITING SKILLS (yes, spelling counts, grammar counts, and cursive writing is nice!)
  • BASIC MATH (2 + 2 really is 4!  The brain works on algebraic equations.  It is always solving for "x" and looking for balance.)
  • READING SKILLS (texting and emails do not count, but thanks for asking!)
Happy school year!  Make a great day.

Dr. Susan