Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Best Day

Greetings All: Today can be one of the best days of your life, if you focus on the positive, find something to be grateful for, and laugh at something. These are 3 skills that Vicktor Fankal used while in concentration camps during the holocaust. He stated, "we do not always get to choose our circumstances, but we can always choose our attitude." He also stated that if he could find something positive, something to be grateful for, and something to laugh at I a concentration camp, anyone can do the same think in any situation in their life. Today really can be great, but how we think about what we have, who we are and possibilities. Make a Great Day Dr. Susan

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lasting Happiness

Greetings All: Are you happy? It is spring - which also means a plethora of different and changing weather. Kind of like our emotions at times. We can obtain temporary or short term "happiness" in the form of shoes, chocolate, spending, media, etc. What I want to discuss today is "Lasting Happiness." Happiness is a term that the definition is in the mind of the beholder. There are many forms of happiness, and many people have their own definition which we may or may not agree with. According to research, in the fields of sociology, psychology and theology, most lasting happiness comes from more intrinsic forms, and less material forms. We do need to have our basic needs met, food, clothing, shelter. As human beings we are more likely to find happiness with people and through things. Simply accumulating "things" and buying may result in a temporary (chocolate) high, but there are few long lasting happy and satisfying feelings that come from accumulation of things. A happier person is the person who has an appreciation for simplicity and not for accumulating more "things." Most people also find more true and lasting happiness by serving other than by being selfish themselves. Selfishness moves us away from God and away from others. When we serve other, we find joy and happiness. We are more grateful and are more aware of the positive things in our life. We become more in touch with who we are, the ore we get out of self, and into gratitude and service. We all have personal strengths or qualities. Each day identify a personal strength or a few qualities. As you do this will be more grateful, have more self-esteem and have more self-confidence. Use your qualities and strengths to "drive" and determine your behaviors. Happy people have close meaningful relationships in their life. Most of us find our closest relationships with our family. These relationships can also be some of our greatest challenges. It is very important to love our family members and to recognize that neither they or we are perfect. We will offend them and they will offend us. Look for the positive and the blessings in self as well as others. Identify something every day that you can be happy about. Make a Great Day. Dr. Susan