Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Good Morning All:

There are so many beautiful sights in this world that has been created for us. The most beautiful is, of course, the people who live on this earth.

See first the beauty in yourself, and you will soon see more beauty in others. Be sure to identify things you like about yourself every day. You do not need to share these with others. You do need to identify them and appreciate them within yourself. God has given each of us such beauty and wonderful gifts. We need to identify, and thank Heavenly Father for all of the gifts/qualities that He has given us. Some of these gifts/qualities include beauty, intelligence, talents, creativity, curiosity, kindness, service, love, ideas, organization,  caring, health, strength, helpfulness, wisdom, joy, respect, and many more. As we notice these and act upon them, we will strength our qualities/gifts, and strength ourselves. We will also see more of the beauty in the world.

There are tough times for all. There are horrendous things going on in the world. We need to be a light in the world that will show others the beauty in the world.

We can be a strong  light in the world to all those we meet and and daily contact with.

See the beauty in the world and be the beauty in the world

Make A Great Day

Dr. Susan

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